Our mission at Ghograjan is to cultivate a more ethical, transparent and sustainable tea culture. We strive to deliver the freshest teas directly from our farm to your kitchen by eliminating all the middlemen in conventional tea trade. Since 1948, we have dedicated ourselves to producing authentic teas and flavours of the highest quality with the purest origins. We aim to create momentum for change in global tea trade by investing in a brighter future for the communities who provide our teas. 


GTE does not see Corporate Social Responsibility as an obligation, but rather voluntarily takes steps to enhance the quality of life for employees and their families as well as for the local community at large.

Higher Secondary school donated by the Choukhany family in the nearby Madarkhat Village

Higher Secondary school donated by the Choukhany family in the nearby Madarkhat Village

Care and Concern for Every Member

Taking care of the immediate Ghograjan Family comes naturally to the company. Group insurance is undertaken so that each employee has protection; in addition, a well-equipped Health Centre has been erected on the property to provide health care to the employees. Furthermore, a primary school has been set up that provides quality education and acts as a stepping stone in an area that is otherwise very remote and underdeveloped. For middle school and high school, the children attend a public school, donated by the Choukhany family, in the nearby township. Comfortable housing is also provided in the Ghograjan compound, and a township has evolved, providing additional facilities to residents.

The Ghograjan employees and their families form a vibrant community and are actively involved in celebrating festivals and organizing cultural events that allow them to not only showcase their talent but also create a sense of kinship and national pride.

 Serving an Extended Family

The Ghograjan Family feeling extends to the residents of neighboring villages as well. The primary school is open to workers of the local villages too. The company helps them build their houses, provides sanitation facilities, and educates them about alcohol abuse and optimization of water usage through rainwater harvesting.

 MRL Compliance – Perfection in Every Cup

‘Maximum Residue Level’ (MRL) is an international standard for the permissible level of residue found in most edible agro products from the usage of pesticide/insecticide/weedicide/fungicide, etc. Ghograjan’s integrated management policies related to agro inputs are in conformity with all the major food and drug administrations, including the “Directives of European Commission” and the “CODEX Standards.” To ensure compliance of these guidelines, independent surveyors inspect every package produced so that consumers get garden-fresh produce every time.