Nicole from CuppaGeek recently reviewed our Assam Golden Tips & the Royal Masala Chai 

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Royal Masala Chai CuppaGeek Review

 Royal Masala Chai

"This tea was very unique because it has broken tea leaves in it and even notes that on the bag.  I can’t say I’ve ever had that before but I also don’t drink a lot of Masala Chai blends. The dry leave mix definitely had that spicy chai flavoring. I thought I would make the tea up as a latte for the family. And I have to say, they turned out quite nicely.The kids and Jason devoured their cuppas and they all really liked the honey chai lattes I made with this tea blend. Jason said that the tea actually got better the longer the tea cooled. I bet if I would have steeped the tea longer, those flavors would have really stood out."

Assam Golden Tips CuppaGeek Review


                                                                                                                   Assam Golden Tips

"After a really rough day at work, this tea was calming and soothing my tired self and soul.  The milk diluted the flavor a bit but you could still get those seductive and rich malty tones. So good and such a great way to be introduced to a new tea company. This Assam Golden Tips is hitting every note for me.  Just delicious and really singing my song. I’m off to enjoy another cuppa!"

- Nicole from CuppaGeek